The Final Stretch, take two

It made me laugh when I looked at my previous post from almost exactly a year ago, when I announced that I was on the final stretch. It was true, I was on the final stretch, but little did I know that the final stretch would take a year to complete.

I have spent the last year submersed in re-writes, world building, outlining my series, working with my editor and beta readers, my cover artist and formatting artist, marketing plan etc. Even now, knowing that my book will finally be published next month, I am still busy finalizing the last details. It feels glorious, I love my job. Hopefully you beautiful people will enjoy reading my book at least half as much as I enjoyed writing it, so that I can keep doing it. I cannot wait to begin the next chapter of this journey and to open the doors to the world of Equillian.

Hopefully my next update will be before next year. But if you’re not hearing from me, know its because I’m too busy writing you the next book ;). Thanks for reading!